Free Killer Tips To Become A Blogger With 5 High Earning Sources

Become a blogger
Become blogger

Easy Steps to start a blog and become a blogger, Earn a decent amount of money and become a professional blogger. See some easy growth hacks to become a pro blogger.

Tips To Become A Blogger

If you want to know how to become a blogger, you need to know more about “making” a blog.  Success comes down to a lot of hard work, smart planning and branding, consistency and of course, a bit of luck.

 But it is worth learning how to become a blogger despite the challenge.  It is a very strong contender for “the best work in the world”!

 As a blogger, you will spend your time writing articles (publications) that you find interesting.  There will be very little time pressure and you will be able to decide to a great extent on the subject of each new thing you write.

A successful blogger can also enjoy enthusiastic comments from countless readers and active discussion on the issues that make them come alive.


 Apart from all this, a blogger will receive a passive income.  This means that they will make money even when they are not working, even when they sleep.

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 A successful blog can also act as a springboard for countless other opportunities: whether it means writing a book or appearing in other media.

 So how did you become a blogger?  Let’s know

How to create a blog, become a blogger

 How to create a blog?

 The first step to become a blogger is to create a blog!  This is something that I have discussed in previous Android authorization posts.  To summarize, it should be a WordPress website. 

This means that it will be built using the most popular content management system (CMS) on the web.  Over a quarter of all sites on the network are WordPress powers completely free and open-source, and comes with a huge and active community of developers and users.

 WordPress powers over a quarter of all sites on the net!

 When you can create your own website from scratch or use any other tool, using WordPress will give you all the freedom and flexibility you need in a widely compatible format.  For example, some of the most successful sites in the world work with WordPress, you will never worry that your site is not ranked on Google because you coded it.

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 Creating a brand for your blog!

 You will also need a theme, a website name, and a logo before you can start designing your blog.  In other words: you need a brand!

 If you want to know how to become a blogger, building a strong brand is one of the most important steps.

 Creating a strong brand is one of the most important steps.

 In terms of subject matter (referred to as “niche” in the industry), by far the most important thing is that you choose a topic that you will be happy to write in the coming years.  It takes a long time for a successful site to grow, and if you don’t like what you’re doing, you’ll probably quit before you actually take the plunge.

 Likewise, writing about a subject you know will eventually produce better quality content.  If you are writing about fitness, but have never set foot in the gym, it is best, you will write content that has been re-shared from elsewhere. 

This means that it will be normal and derivative. True success comes from being a “thought leader”. And that means you need to create something new!

 Writing about a subject that you know will eventually produce better quality content.

 That said, there are some strategic indicators to consider when choosing your niche.  Mainly: Do not be too broad. “Fitness” is a very broad subject, so you should focus on a particular place in that broad category.  For example, You can write about physical fitness for people over 50. You may want to write about Paleo’s lifestyle. Maybe you like CrossFit.

 Become a Blogger

 Alternatively, you can mix several different areas of interest and attract a more specific audience.  A great example is nerd fitness, which combines the fitness and pop culture of superheroes.

Another example is a site such as the Art of Manhattan, which effectively created a new niche, taking the vague concept of manhood and defining it. 

My own site, Shareindians, combines the latest tech and information. It doesn’t appeal to everyone, but many people tell me how they have been looking for “something like this”. My site is perfect for those peoples.

 The conclusion is that if you are too elaborate, you will be out of focus and the competition will be very high.  Instead, think about what makes it distinct and different and duplicates. Try to attract everyone, and in the end, you will not attract anyone.


 Try to attract everyone, and in the end, you will not attract anyone.

 Think about your “buyer personality” and your entire reader, think about who that person is and what they like.  Make your site for them. Introduce a “mission statement” that describes what your business is about and what you hope to achieve through it.  Then, make sure that everything you do is in the service of that mission.

 Your site name and the URL you choose should be representative of this niche and mission.  Of course, it should also be memorable and unique. You may also want to mark this name later, so it is worth doing a search to make sure it is not yet in use.  We will talk about this in the future.


 This is the way to start a successful blog with real fans, rather than a site where people click as soon as it loads.

 Website and logo design


 Next, you will need a logo and design for your blog.

When designing a logo, you will need to purchase a vector file (not a raster), which means that it will be drawn using a series of instructions instead of a pixel map.  This means that you can increase and decrease the image without loss of quality and that you can easily edit the image as needed. This allows you to create different versions of your logo keeping all proportions and colors evenly.  A JPEG simply cannot do this.


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 A good logo should also be relatively simple and memorable and should be easy to replicate and use in various ways.  How will your logo look like an advertisement on another website? Printed on the packaging? How would it look like a simple silhouette?

 However, the most important thing: Your logo should fully convey your mission statement and niche, and attract the target demographic.  Again, the goal is not to attract everyone. Instead, the person looking at your logo should have a quick idea of ​​what your business is, the feelings you are trying to create and whether you are enjoying your content.

WordPress backend

 WordPress backend

 This is an important step in your journey to become a blogger, as it will ultimately set the tone for your content and encourage the right people to stay longer to read what you want to say.

 If you have problems finding a specific name or logo for your website, you can try using a mood panel.  Here, you will create a collage of words and pictures that will speak to you and reflect the theme of the site.  Take other sites you like, book covers or color schemes as well. Likewise, write words that describe your business niche and any synonyms you think.

 You can then try to combine those images and words in different ways so that unique images and styles can be found.

 Of course, if you have a logo design problem, you can always outsource it using a website like  To become a blogger means learning a lot when to postpone someone more talented!

 The actual site design will mainly involve installing and customizing the WordPress theme.  When you do this, try to use the chosen logo to inform your design choices. The colors of the logo on the site must be reflected. 

Spend some time reading about color theory and fonts, and make sure that your site uses a responsive mobile design (meaning it will look great on mobile devices and large ultra-wide monitors.

 Finally, your blog should be professional, so that you can compete with the best in your niche while being completely unique.

 How to become a blogger: start writing!

 Once you start designing your site, the next step is to start writing blog posts!

 How to become a blogger, how to become a blogger.

 This will be your daily bread, and that will guarantee the success of your site.

 Most Important Advice?  Make sure you have something new to say.  Make sure that the owners of your articles attract the attention of people interested in your niche.  Do this by discussing issues and angles that you have not encountered before, or may create some kind of emotional response.

 “Google now prioritizes long-format content”

 Think of the “value proposition” offered by each publication.  How will this reading improve their lives? Do not repeat what other people have said before!

 Likewise, be sure to make your items last longer to provide real value.  Google now prefers longer format content (at least 600 words or more), although, of course, you should let the content determine the word count.  How many words do you need?

 It is also important to learn to improve your writing style and reduce errors, but this is something that you will develop over time.

 The most important task of all is to be consistent: and this is where most people fall when they want to learn how to become a blogger. 

Try to write a few publications every week and publish them without failures. If you spend weeks without new updates, you will lose your momentum.

 Keep writing, and do it for the love of writing.

 This can be difficult.  Especially when someone is viewing your content for the first time!  You might get 10 views for every new post when it starts, despite hours spent writing and getting attractive pictures spent.

 However, keep in mind that this content is not “meaningless”.  You can promote it again later to help gain more traction.

 Just keep writing, and do it for the love of writing.

 Marketing and growth hacks for your blog

 Now you know how to become a blogger, but you still have to figure out how to make that blog a success!

 This is where marketing and development hacks come into play.  To market your new blog, you are likely to use a combination of social networks and search engine optimization (SEO). 

The latter refers to the use of keywords (things that people search for on Google) that will easily be included in their content.  You should also think about getting other sites to link to, which helps Google find its content and make it popular (and therefore worth promoting).

 Promoting yourself on social networks is a matter of creating a social account for your new brand (at least on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) and then sharing your new content there.  You can also use these networks to generate more commitment.

 For example, if you have a food blog, you can use an Instagram account with awesome food photos and recipes to help more people discover your brand.  You can then promote the blog with that Instagram account.

 It is also a good idea to integrate social networks into the design of your website.  WordPress allows you to add advanced features by installing add-ons, and in this way you can, for example, display feeds from your social accounts in the sidebar, or allow visitors to share posts on your social network  Are.

 If you continue to write excellent content and follow these basic steps to promote yourself, your site and your notoriety will gradually increase over time.

 (I also recommend creating a YouTube channel to promote your blog, although I realize that not everyone is comfortable with this option).

 However, it can be a slow process, which is the role of “developmental attacks”.

 How to become a blogger with growth hacks

 Growth tricks are methods that you can use to quickly increase the visibility of your blog.  Here are some examples:

Guest Post

 Guest Post: This involves writing a blog post or article for another website in your niche and then publishing them for free.  The deal is that they will allow you to include a link to your site.

This is excellent from an SEO standpoint, as Google likes to look at other large sites that link to you, but also creates a way for readers of that site to come directly to your blog.  It is almost like a testimony.

 This is another reason why your web design should be exceptional: otherwise, serious blogs will not want to partner with you!

 Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is similar to guest publishing, except that you are seeking a “greeting” from an influential person here.  It is someone on Instagram or YouTube or any other blogger who will tell their followers about you and recommend your site.

This essentially allows you to benefit from your larger audience and the trust built with that audience.  In return, you can offer them similar thanks or simply pay the privilege. You can also offer to work with them on a joint project or publication of some kind. If you are very lucky, some influential people will do it for free!

 Marketing a blog

 The problem with these two strategies is to get a blog/influencer to answer you.  The best advice I can give here is to climb. Do not chase the most important names in your niche on the first day, instead contact someone who is almost at your level initially, and then chase the big fish as you gain momentum.  Look for people who also benefit from the agreement.

 Link baiting

Link baiting means producing content that is extremely useful (as a complete resource), which debates a certain point in its entirety, or that is very controversial.  The goal is to have people link to your site and refer to what you have written. This is definitely easier said than done.

 Media Coverage

Finally, if you can get your blog covered by big media, it can lead to great performance.  Some bloggers will accomplish this by assuming personal challenges or with an advertising ploy. 

You can then send press releases to websites and direct them to journalists. Just remember that for a press release to be picked up, a journalist must think that his story is of interest to his readers;  This cannot be a free promotion for your blog!

 Note: There are more development tricks.  But if you want more content about becoming a blogger, let me know in the comments and I’ll make it a feature in my main menu!

 Regardless of the methods you use to develop your blog, it takes a long time to become a full-time blogger.

 Keep in mind that, regardless of the methods you use to develop your blog, it takes a long time to become a full-time blogger. 

Do not point after it! Instead, try to write a blog in your free time, earn some money and once in a while trying to give your blog full time to acquire it according to your needs.

 Not intended to be rich.  Get ready to receive a small additional income from a passion project.

 Monetization for bloggers

 If you want to know how to become a professional blogger, then you should know how to start making money with your site.  There are a couple of ways to do this.

 One of the most popular for many new bloggers is called AdSense.  AdSense is a Google advertising platform that pays for every click (this is called PPC).  You register and then add code snippets around each page.

Then, these locations will show ads for which advertisers bid, and each time you click, you will earn between $ 0.01 and $ 2.00.  On average, you should expect around $ 0.10 for each click.

 Unfortunately, it is also common to have very low clickthrough rates (CTRs).  When was the last time you clicked on an advertisement on a website?

Getting one or two clicks per thousand visitors is not uncommon, which means that this method can take you a long time to earn significant money.  This is not the way to become a full-time blogger.

 Become a professional blogger

 Better then try selling something from your blog.  A popular option is to sell affiliate products, which will generate a commission for the sale.  You can become an Amazon affiliate (called Amazon Associate) and as such, you can earn up to 8% on every sale.

 Alternatively, you can sell a digital product through a site like JVZoo or Clickbank.  These sites offer very high commissions of up to 90% in some cases! Of course, however, you will be limited to selling electronic books written by other people, which can be a bit difficult to sell.

 The best option is to sell your own digital product, such as an electronic book.

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 In this way, you can keep 100% of the profits and you can create a product that perfectly matches the brand of your site and targets your audience.

If people love what you’re writing and see your digital product as an extension of that content, it can be very easy to persuade people to buy.

 Another great option is to sell the service.

 Whether you are a life coach, a business consultant, a web designer or anything, you can use a blog to establish authority and trust and to reach a wide audience, which you can sell.

 The secret to true success.

 I just want to emphasize again why a strong brand and excellent content is so important to anyone who wants to become a blogger.

 In my freelance writing job, I work with hundreds of clients who succeed online.  They employ me to write content for their sites, but unfortunately, they are doomed from the beginning.

 How to become a successful blogger

 Because all his view is wrong.  It is a malleable attempt to make money from visitors, while a minimum amount of time and money is invested in the process.  They design a generic website in a niche that they think can earn them a lot of money.

Suppose you want to sell running shoes through affiliate links, so create a site called “”.

 They then hired me to write their own material.  This is already a mistake, as they have no idea if I really know anything about shoes or not (as it happens, and luckily for them, I know!). 

Even the best writer in the world will not produce content that changes the game unless you are truly passionate about the subject and an expert in that field.

 Most likely, they will end up with items like “The 5 Best Running Shoes”, which will only be taken online from other similar items, and may include one or two shoes that are actually models from last year.

 The site name is not a brand, it is a keyword.  And each item exists only to try to sell something.  There is no comprehensive narrative, nor demographic objective, nor a mission statement that is not “selling shoes”.

 Worse are sites that try to enter keywords.

 Readers can immediately notice the difference and so they leave quickly as they arrive.  Those who know shoes will see that the site is time for amateurs, and people who have no compelling reason to stay.

 Worse are sites that try to “cram” keywords (so that another term becomes a search term), or write positive reviews of products they haven’t even tried.

 Only passion and commitment will suffice.

 Think of the biggest and most popular sites on the web.  Think about the blogs you actually read. These are not sites that were cynically designed by someone with no interest in the subject.

 These are professionally designed sites, written by people with a lot of passion and a unique perspective

 If you want to know how to become a blogger, it is following the signs of those sites.  This is not something I can hurry, and just passion and commitment will be enough to get to that point.


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