Become an Amazon affiliate marketer and earn money by amazon affiliate marketing. here I will share tips to become an amazon affiliate marketer and how to get you own amazon affiliate links to promote products and earn money from it.

Become An Amazon Affiliate

If you finding a way to become an Amazon affiliate then you are on the right way.

Because today in this article I am going to talk about how to become an Amazon affiliate marketer and how you can become an Amazon affiliate for your website or some another thing that you want to do with Amazon affiliate.

Becoming an Amazon affiliate is a great way to generate income from Amazon products that are listed on Amazon. like if anyone selling something on Amazon so you can help him to sell that product by your Amazon affiliate link and by become an Amazon affiliate you can generate much more money.

And if you become an Amazon-affiliate so you can generate multiple affiliate links to sell products multiple times with multiple localities countries and others.

So please be here and read carefully you know everything about how to become an Amazon affiliate without website or with the website.

And I really think by this article you will definitely learn Amazon affiliating service and you will become an Amazon-affiliate.

What Is Amazon Affiliate Program?

Step 1: Click here to go to the amazon affiliate program

Step 2: Click The Join Now Button

Step 3: Now submit your personal and website details

Step 4: You will then be asked to add your website details. Of course, most affiliate programs, if not all, are interested in how much traffic you get.

Step 5: Next, fill in your profile. This will include things like your preferred store ID, how you build links, how you drive traffic to your website, among other things.

Step 6: Now Verify Your Identity

Step 7: At this Step, You Have To Choose That How You Want to be paid

In this last step, Amazon welcomes you to their Associate’s program. It is at this point that you can choose how you want to be paid or do it later, but why should you? Here are your payment options:

  • Check ($15 processing fee is waived for international associates)
  • Amazon gift card
  • Direct deposit (not available for international associates)

Now Enter your payment information and you’re done. now select products and sell them as an Amazon affiliate

What Does If A Customer Goes To Amazon And buys Another thing?

If someone goes to Amazon with your link and you have given him a mobile phone link and he doesn’t want to buy a mobile phone at that time but he wants to buy a camera or something.

So you don’t have to worry about that because if any person goes from your link then whatever he will purchase you will get the commission from that product.

As an example, if you’re given the affiliated link to your customer for a mobile phone which has a Commission rate of 4% but he buys some clothes from Amazon which has up to 10% commission then you will get the 10% Commission.

Because he purchased a cloth It means it’s apparel category but now you are thinking that I have given the link of mobile phone.

Then, why Amazon will give me the commission of apparels then I would like to inform you that Amazon just wants customers from your links and whatever the customer will buy you will get the commission based on that category from where the customer purchased anything.

So, guys, I hope that I help you to become an Amazon affiliate and your question installed which was how to become an Amazon-affiliate so if you like the article then please comment on your suggestions and recommendations and what you feeling after reading this full article.

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