The number of comic art fans is increasing day by day. I have started feeling that maybe I will join these people too.

Today’s article is about comic art fans. Because this is a topic that no one raises.

But in this article, we are not only talking about comic art fans only. We are also talking about Comic art as well. Because it is an art that makes you laugh many times and makes you cry at times, it is just like any cinema. In which many different types of stories. Are shown in pictorial form.

So let’s know what comic art means?

Whats Is Comic Art?

Friends, comic art is one such medium for your story. To narrate through pictures. And the comic does not use just and only pictures. It is made in such a way that it contains pictures as well. Words are also used such as if I am the character of a comic. So whatever I am saying to you. It must have been written with me. Maybe there will be a page that will make my picture and what I want to say. It would be written inside a box next to me. This is how stories are written in a comic.

History of comics?

Friends, the history of comics is very old, it has been popular since the old times. It was mostly used to explain the divine saga. Also, it has many different types.

It was most popular in the mid-twentieth century.

Popular comic!

The most Popular comic and books have been on The Adventures of Tin Tin And Superman. Both was very popular and comics that were one of the bestselling.

The comic is also called Manga. Manga is the japaneese version of modern comics.

We have shown you some pictures of old comic which have appeared here below. Maybe you will understand by looking at them. What kind of comic is it and how would it be made.


Informative Use Of Comics 

Also, friends comics are not such a new thing that you think that it is made just for any kind of children. Gathering a lot of information from the archaeological department, we came to know that the comic was also used in olden times.

When in the time People did not have anything to write, Then they started making comic drawing about that time by making on stones and on the walls. Meaning that those of you who see such paintings on the Internet or in your books, which were made by Primitive humans in the old times or in those times when kings were ruled, but anyone from that time to write thing Was not available. Then people do cartoons like painting for preserving the glimpes of his time by painting.

And that’s how comics started.

Today’s forms of comics.

Comic cartooning is very much used in today’s comics. It is also used for advertisements as well as jokes to people. Also used to show and explain. I live in the country of India, and every day I read in the newspaper, every day there is some comic joke which we laugh with when we read it.

Comics have become increasingly popular over time and people who like to read. They loves to read a comic rather than to see a video and laugh. Sometimes it happens that shops selling comic have a long line. Whenever a new type of comic is released.

And there are many books that are being written on the comic itself. That is, if people have to write some kind of book which is based on old times, then those books are also made on the basis of comic. Because it’s a little entertaining, people also enjoy reading them and at the same time they also do a lot of studies in fun. Because of which comic art is used and due to which the number of comic art paint is also increasing.

Comic Art Fans

After reading so much information, you must have understood that who are comic art fans, but if you still do not understand, then I would like to tell you that comic art fans are the people who read comics. I like it. Interest in stories written in comics and them. Very much like reading different types of comic.

Many comic art fans are so much favorite About Comic art. There are also many comic art fans who keep reading the same comic for weeks and as soon as they get to know about a new comic, they can do anything and buy that comic or else Kind of read that comic so that they can enjoy it.

Due to the increasing comic art fans day by day, the business of comic art has also started increasing significantly.

Many writers who were earlier on the verge of giving up their work. They also resumed their work by resorting to comic art. The task of the writers is that brother, he will continue his writing work and along with anyone else, he will present it to the people like a comic, due to which the creators of the comic, ie the people who portray the comic and the writers Also got a chance to work among themselves.

And many others have comic art fans. Who also orders a comic writer to write a personal comic and get it made for himself and only for himself, as well as many comic art fans portrays his family or his life by keeping it inside the comic.

Conclusion Of Comic Art & Comic Art Fans

If we talk about the summary of Comic art fans. So it can be said that comic art? It is increasing day by day and it is also a good thing to some extent. Because of this people have started to like reading. Comic cards are now also used in many books. To teach those children in school also and for this reason many children also take interest in studies.

Because they continue to have a lot of fun while studying and that is why those are private schools. He promotes books with comic art more. And this is why comic art is becoming more popular and hope that it keeps on like this because the card also does a lot of good things.

Thankyou For Reading…

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