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December 29, 2019

instagram accounts of Ishqbaaz

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Cast of Ishqbaaz instagram Real Names with Photographs information and details have been provided here. Ishqbaaaz was first aired on 27th June, 2016 on Star Plus. It is a closed TV serial of Star Plus. It is available in 576i and HDTV 1080i picture formats. It is being produced by Karishma Jain and Gul Khan for Star Plus under the banner of 4 Lions Films.

First episode date: 27 June 2016

Final episode date: 15 March 2019

Number of episodes: 764

Awards: STAR Parivaar Award for Favourite International Jodi, more

Nominations: STAR Parivaar Award for Favourite Jodi, more

In this post, we have provided details on ishqbaaz instagram account their real names photographs and a link to their instagram. So, let’s see!

here is the Cast of Ishqbaaz Real Names with Photographs

Main Cast

Shivaay Singh Oberoi

Real name : Nakuul Mehta

Instagram id : nakuul mehta 👇link


Real name : Surbhi Chandna

Instagram id : officialsurbhic 👇link

Omkara Singh Oberoi

Real name : Kunal Jaisingh

Instagram id : kunaljaisingh 👇link

Rudra Singh Oberoi

Real name : Leenesh Mattoo

Instagram id : leenesh_mattoo 👇link

Soumya Tendulkar/ Soumya Rudra Singh Oberoi

Real name : Neha Lakshmi Iyer

Instagram id : nehalaxmi 👇link

Priyanka Singh Oberoi

Real name : Subha Rajput

Instagram id : subharajput 👇link

ACP Ranveer Singh Randhawa

Real name : Ayush Anand.

Instagram id : anand2143 👇link

Here is some twitter handles of ishqbaaz cast

Anika @SurbhiChandna

Nakuul Mehta @NakuulMehta.

Kunal Jaisingh @KUNAL_JAISINGH.

shrenu parikh @shrenuparikh11.

DearMansi @mansi_srivas.

Jennifer Winget @jenwinget.

Recurring Cast

Tej Singh Oberoi real name : Mahesh Thakur

Jhanvi Singh Oberoi real name : Mrinal Deshraj

Shakti Singh Oberoi real name : Siraj Mustafa Khan

Pinky Singh Oberoi real name : Nikita Anand

Tia Kapoor real name : Navina Bole

Roop Singh Oberoi real name : Vishavpreet Kaur

Riddhima real name is Shireena Sambyal

Romi real name is Krissann Barretto

Svetlana real name is Reyhna Malhotra

Sahil’s real name is Aryan Prajapati.

Sundari real name is Nishi Singh

Ishana real name is Vrushika Mehta

Mona real name is Pooja Doshi

Dev Chabra real name is Ish Thakkar

Riyaan Chabra real name is Hiten Meghrajani

Mr. Chabra real name is Ashish Kaul

Mrs. Chabra real name is Anandi Tripathi

Mallika Kabeer Choudhary real name is Surbhi Jyoti

Siddharth Vikram Rana real name is Shaleen Malhotra

Vikram Pradeep Rana real name is Naved Aslam

Ketaki Vikram Rana’s real name is Manasi Salvi.

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Here is the review of last episode ishqbaaz scroll up for all ishqbaaz instagram account details.

Popular show of star plus jiski TRP Hamesha Apna dabdba Banakar rakhti thi us serial ka last episode Darshako ko Kitna Pasand Aaya kya or kya pasand Nahin Aaya. pehle baat karte hain us track ki jo veiwers ka dil tod gai jinme se ek tha shivika ki dooriyon wala track jismein anika bahut Buri Tarah Hoti Hai aur shivay se keh Deti Hai Ki vo Har roz uska Dil Dukhata hai lekin Aaj usne uska Dil Tod Diya Hai.

pehle baat karte hain us track ki jo veiwers ka dil tod gai jinme se ek tha shivika ki dooriyon wala track jismein anika bahut Buri Tarah Hoti Hai aur shivay se keh Deti Hai Ki vo Har roz uska Dil Dukhata hai lekin Aaj usne uska Dil Tod Diya Hai.

Obviously shivay esa karna nahi chahta hai pr majboori mein use apni anika ko khud se door krna pdra hai.

Aapko batadein ki darshako ko jo scene sabse jada pasand aaya hai vo hai rikara wala scene tha jisme omkaar or gauri sath dikhte hai vhi pe shiv om dhruv jo sath mai aaye h or mandir ki sthapna ki hai saari dooriyan mitaai h vo darshako ko bahut pasand aaya.

To on an average last episode 50-50 rha jisme aadha episode to bahut bhaya logo ko pr bcha hua episode kch khaas kmaal nhi dikha paya.

Full plot of ishqbaaz in english.👇


The family is formed by Kalyani Singh Oberoi, the motherland of the family. They have two children, Tej and Shakti. Tej is married to Janhvi and they have three children Omkara, Rudra and Priyanka. Shakti is married to Pinky and has a son, Shivaay, the oldest grandson.

Shivaay manages the Oberoi empire. He does not believe in love and plans to marry Tia Kapoor at his mother’s insistence. After a difficult start, Shivaay marries forcefully to an orphan, Anilika, who has been adopted by a family with a physically disabled brother Sahil. Although Shivaay and Annika do not marry under the right circumstances, they eventually fall in love.

Originally an artist Omkara becomes an entrepreneur even after going through many tragedies. He meets Ishana, who wants to marry Omkara to gain financial stability and betrays her, pretending to be Bella until her brothers expose her. His previous girlfriend, Riddhima, also betrays Om. She is married to Gauri Kumari Sharma, a bubbly girl from Bareilly. Initially, Omkara hates him and mistakenly tells him to be a gold digger. But Gauri once again brings the artist with her and eventually falls in love.

Rudra is the youngest brother and practically the son of the family. He has no ambition or goal in life and only likes to work and have fun. His initial love interest is Oberoi’s family friend Soumya Kapoor. Rudra and Soumya get drunk and marry, but Rudra refuses to marry. Finally Soumya leaves her and leaves. Bhavya Pratap Rathore, an undercover police officer, used Rudra in one of his operations. They fall in love through a series of events. Soumya returns to claim Rudra, but Rudra and Bhavna get married.

Priyanka is a shy, nervous and honest girl. Befriends Anika from the beginning. Priyanka marries Ranveer Randhawan, a police officer who was blackmailing her. Ranveer tries to ruin Oberoi with his adopted mother Kamini Khurana, but then changes his mind and falls in love with Priyanka.

The Kapoor brothers are constant enemies; Svetlana, Tia and Soumya. Svetlana revealed that her parents had died in an accident at one of Oberoi’s factories and, therefore, the sisters want revenge. Svetlana has a relationship with Tej and the family falls apart. When Tej and Janhvi return together, she tries to seduce her son Omkara, but is unsuccessful. Eventually he was imprisoned.

Tia, who initially does not reveal herself as Svetlana and Soumya’s sister, tries to marry Shiva. It is later revealed that he dated a man named Dushyant, who believes he was Anika and Shivaay had died. It eventually changes for the better when it is revealed that Dushyant is alive.

Kapoor’s last sister, Soumya, was initially introduced as a family friend, but right after Bhavya and Rudra’s marriage, it is revealed that she is the third secret sister of the Kapoor family. Svetlana and Soumya are imprisoned, but Tia meets Dushyant and has a son.

Shiva’s aunt, Roop, wants to take revenge on Oberoi for killing her and tries to kill them in the fire of Kalyani Mills, along with Svetlana, Tia and Soumya’s father, Mr. Kapoor. While trying to save Oberoi, Shivaay finds out about Anika’s parents; His father Harshvardhan Trivedi also died in the fire. Shivaay reveals his identity to Annika and is reunited with his lost sister who becomes Gauri.


The story takes a different leap, where a writer and a public speaker take them back to where the story began; Annika and Shivaay’s first meeting and changing circumstances change their lives.

In this story, Shiva is a foolish, nonsensical businessman who suffers even after the death of his parents. It is revealed that the incident that continues with Shivaay is that Pinky kills Shakti after learning about her courage and then commits suicide. Omkara is also a businessman rather than an artist, who helps Shiva due to lack of relatives. Rudra is a supermodel who uses his fame and money as an excuse to do all he can. Priyanka is shown this time as Shiva’s younger sister.

Annika and Gauri live with their aunt who hates them because her mother left her father for another man. Gauri knows nothing about the incident and struggles to meet Annika. She is constantly paid Gauri’s university tuition, Sahil’s medicines and house rent without the help of her aunt.

Although Shivaay and Anika meet, it is shown that Shivaay has a difficult relationship between them due to their lack of confidence in women. Gauri and Omkara meet and immediately kill her. Bhava and Rudra also meet, but their misuse of wealth and fame affects Bhava. Shiva and Annika become close when they are hired by Shiva’s sister, Priyanka, as a wedding planner. Shiva calls Tia on her grandmother’s insistence and Priyank becomes engaged to Tia’s brother Daksha. Both Tia and Daksha are bankrupt and marry the Oberoi brothers just for money. Daksha mistreats Annika, who tries to reveal her true nature, but fails, as Shiva refuses to believe her.

On the day of Daksha and Priyanka’s wedding, Daksha runs away after Annika is blackmailed. Priyanka goes to see him and suffers an accident and goes into a coma. Shivaay holds Annika responsible and forcibly marries her. In the end, Shiva comes to know Daksha’s truth and Priyanka comes to know. Shiva publicly reveals Daksha and apologizes to Annika. Shivaay restores Anika’s reputation in the society and decides to divorce her. After a long battle, Anika realizes that Shiva is made for each other. Tejar returned to India to take over Ober India. He is jealous of Shivaayya’s fame. Appointed Shivaay’s friend Mohit to destroy his fame. Mohit comes to the Oberoi mansion with Nancy. Nancy is attracted to Shiva and forces him to have a relationship with her, but he refuses. One day, Nancy is killed and convicted in Shivaay’s room. Later, Shivaay realizes that Nancy was alive and was not the true Nancy, but she was Mohit’s assistant. The dead woman was the real Nancy. Mohit murdered his own wife for the sake of his wealth. Mohit is arrested by Bhavya. Shiva realizes that Tej was the intellectual writer of the incident and, therefore, warns him to leave the country within 24 hours. He tries to force Shiva to intervene to kill his children. Shiva kills Tej and remains in jail for seven years.

Five years later

In their absence, Om and Rudra take over Shiva’s business and Tej hates him for killing his father. The brothers’ wicked aunt, Roop, reappears to kill Shiva. Rudra learns the real reason why Shiva had to kill Tej. See you brother again. Shiva’s grandmother, Aruna Sehgal, arrives at the Oberoi mansion. Priyanka is married to Shiva’s commercial rival Jai Kothari.

It is known that the elder Sahil is now spoiled by wealth. Shiva unsuccessfully tries to handle it in his own way. When Sahil is arrested for drunk driving, Shivaay refuses to grant him bail before spending the night in jail. As a result, Sahil vowed to avenge Shiva. Jai Kothari tries to kill Annika, but escapes.

20 years later

In December 2018, the program took a leap and focused on the story of Shivansh (son of Shivaay and Anika). Shivansh is a superstar and lives with his great grandmother. He has a sister, Shivani. Rudra and Bhavna have a son Dhruva, and Om and Gauri have a daughter, Radhika. He is married to Varun, who discovers a secret enmity against the Oberoi family. Shivansh, Dhruva and Radhika share close ties like Shiva, Om, Ru. Shivani lives in London with Om and Rudra’s family. Shivansh has only one dream: to build a hospital in memory of his parents so that poor children can get free treatment. She is shown to fight an incurable disease and has little time to live.

Additional Commissioner of Police Aditi Deshmukh is presented as a strong and self-made marriage girl who supports her uncle, aunt and a younger sister. While her sister, Mhow, is a huge fan of Shivansh, Aditi has a strong bias against her fame. Aditi’s father’s disappearance was revealed when she was determined to find him. He later appeared as Varun’s assistant in planning against Oberoi.

Mannat Kaur Khurana is an orphan. Treated as a burden by the poor and unemployed and their families, he is honest and majestic. Work at Oberoi Mansion. Meanwhile, Varun realizes that if Shivansh Hurt’s transplant was successful, he might kidnap Mannat’s friend Munni and start blackmailing Mannat. Shivansh pretended to marry Sonya, an actress, to please his ailing great grandmother. Conspiring against Shivansh, Varun leaves Sonya with a mannat and real house. Varun then blackmails Mannat to destroy the Heart Rate Tracker to cure Shivaansh so that Mannat inherits Shivansh’s wealth. Finally, it is revealed that Sahil is the killer of Shiva and that Shivansh and Mannat express each other.

Similar to Ishqbaaz:

Ishqbaaz was dubbed in Tamil and released as Kadhala Kadhala. It was aired on Vijay Super and was suspended despite airing over 300 episodes, and it was aired on Star Vijay even earlier. The show was officially remade in Kannada as Satyam Shivam Sundaram, aired on Star Suvarna. It is directed by Sudarshan Srinivasan. Ishqbaaz is also dubbed in Arabic under the title Lal Ishq Junoon and is broadcast on MBC Bollywood. There is also a dubbed version in Malayalam, Priyamnasam in Asianet and Telugu Prema Yudham in Star Maa.


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