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The hundred bucks tells the story of one night of a call girl how she finds her customers and how she got cheated. This film is based on a book about a call girl
The Hundred Bucks is a Indian film directed by Dushyant Pratap Singh. Starring Kavita Tripathi and Dinesh Bawra as the main characters. The film is distributed by Manoj Nandwana. The film is written by Vishnupriya Singh.writer of The Last Laugh Of Leela.
Release date
21 February 2020

About The Hundred Bucks Full Movie

The screenplay of the hundred bucks movie is written by M. Salim an Indian writer known for the screenplay of Dongri Ka Raja. Directed by Hadi Ali Abrar, the movie stars Ronit Roy, Gashmeer Mahajani, and Reecha Sinha in lead roles. His 2019 release includes Main Zaroor Aaunga. The official trailer of the movie was released on 7th january 2020. In the trailer we can see how a call girl feels about her life. She was so frustrated and wanting to die rather than suffer she got a lot of questions for god like why he made us if we just have to suffer here why dont he came up with a medicine for the pain he is giving us. Basically they are going to show a dark side of prostitution this can be a eye opener for those girls who are planning to do prostitution for fun and fame but they dont have to just because they are so inspired by some pornstars and dont about their personal life or experience. Some girls are planning to do this as their carrier this is a drama movie and a low budget movie of course the film was planned to release in 2019 but for some reasons the movie got because this movie has a different kind of subject than any other bollywood movie it’s obvious to face problems for screens

Casting Of The Hundred Bucks Full Movie

Names of Star casting:
Kavita Tripathi
Dinesh Bawra
Jaid Shaikh

The Hundred Bucks Full Movie Plot

This Movie is getting a competition with Ayushman Khurana’s subh mangal zyada savdhaan, and shekhar suri’s guns of banaras. These movies are releasing on the same date. It can be a hard time for low budget or third class movies because there are a lot of other choices for viewers.well 2020 is full of competition for movies.Well let’s talk about why and how tamilrockers leak these movies.This is a serious thing to think about people making movies for business and for entertaining us of course but there are some guys who are ruining their hard work. You know we have to pay for any day any show of any movie that’s why they are making movies right as fans or consumers we have to support them.but we use pirated movies and then we start crying over why our country is not developing. Coming back to the topic tamilrockers leaked this movie and we are here to inform you that don’t support piracy buy a ticket and show some respect to artists. Before the hundred bucks full movie, the Tamilrockers had leaked Dabangg 3,chapaak,tanhaji the unsung warrior, Bala, jwani janeman & More.A long time ago the team of tamilrockers got arrested by police. And Madras Highcourt passed a judgment to ban the tamilrockers. But after some time, another team member of the tamilrockers again started their website and the piracy of all movies. I suggest you guys to watch this movie if you love drama type of movies this can be a moodswinger for you guys i’m catching the good vibes from this movie as a low budget film like this don’t share vibes with their concept but this is something different the whole story of this is movie is still a mystery till you’ve watched it. So yes guys go out and reach the theatre don’t go for piracy websites. It’s not good for you for our country. I know it’s kinda good for your pocket but you can’t experience the theatre vibes coming. Come on man, do some contribution for our country through tax.
Thank you.
Watch good,read good, sleep good
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