Top 10 best Indian web series

This is the list of top 10 best Indian web series that must be watched in a lifetime. Web series are providing the content which is even beyond our imagination. Web series has completely changed the entertainment industry. The reason behind this is that now viewers can differentiate between harmful and mature content.

You should stream these web series in the era of self-isolation if you are getting bored at home and seeking something unusual. The following are the best Indian web series for those who are new in the web series that should be watched at least once.


#1. Operation MBBS(8.4imdb ratings):

you must have watched many engineering web series earlier and even liked them. But this web series is a bit different. It introduces you to the life of medical students. You will get to see your medical student goes through the stress despite this how they manage to enjoy their college life.

Operation MBBS series is freely available on the DICE media youtube channel. This web series. This is about the three students who get admission in one of the top medical colleges in India. They belong to a very diverse background of how they manage to spend three years of their college.

Most medical web series are much more inclined towards the love factor. In this case, Operation MBBS is very straight forward and maintains its pace till the last episode.

Operation MBBS series is freely available on the DICE media youtube channel. 


#2. Afsos(7.6imdb ratings):

 Eight episodes, 30 minutes each Afsos it available on amazon prime. Just because of its new ideology, this web series is on the list. This web series hooks you with it from the very start.

Afsos is about the story of a suicidal protagonist who hires a killer for himself after several suicidal attempts.

Later on, he changes his mind, and now this becomes a race where Nakul is trying to escape from his destiny, but the killer is behind him. 

With many ups and downs, this a good web series, but there are some loopholes also.


#3. Dosti ka Naya maidan(8.6 IMDb ratings):

This web series is not much less than a surprise for all of us. Here comes Dosti Ka Naya Maidan, which is freely available on the PUBG Mobile youtube channel. If you have ever played PUBG on your phone or pc, this web series is definitely for you.

This web series justifies how gaming can become an opportunity to make your career, make gaming talent, and become successful in your life. This might be the first Indian gaming based web series that is full of sarcasm. the most exciting thing is that each episode focuses on a different story . in every chapter you will get to see the story of a different PUBG player.


#4.Mr. and Mrs(8.3imdb ratings):

Tvf creates Mr. and Mrs. web series. It includes five episodes with a duration of 15 minutes each.

This web series revolves around a married couple of Madhu and Sanju. This web series is about their sweet and sour relationship, their awkward conversations, their problems, and how do they solve them.

 The best thing about this web series is its sarcasm and humor. It has the funniest dialogues, and the dialogue delivery is impressive, you will not be able to stop laughing at any cost.


#5. The forgotten army(8.1imdb ratings):

Are you looking for something full of action? Amazon prime has something extraordinary for you, which is full of work and patriarchy. This web series is consists of 5 episodes, and the duration of each chapter is about 40 minutes.

The story of this web series is set around the era of World War – 2. The visuals of this web series are nothing less than the level of a Hollywood movie. If you remain the romance part of this series, this could be the best web series on this list.


#6. Code M(8.1imdb ratings):

if you are a boy fan of military, mystery, drama movies, and web series, then Code M is might be for you. The story of this web series has been presented sincerely. It has eight episodes with a time duration of 30 minutes, each available on Zee 5.

You will get to see the outstanding acting od the underrated tv actress Jennifer Winget. Major Monica has been assigned on a straightforward case in which she has to find out whether an army officer has encountered someone or not. Isn’t it simple? Actually no, it’s much more complicated than it seems to be. You will see how to layer by layer. The truth is revealed. THE action, direction, and the screenplay are just fantabulous. If you are a real web series fan, then you should give it a try.


#7. Jamtara(7.4imdb ratings):

After watching Mirzapur,  if you are looking for similar web series, which is rough and tough, then we have Jamtara on the 7th number for you. Jamtara is available on Netflix with a total of 10 episodes and 30 minutes each. In av very bold and straightforward way, this web series introduces us to the criminal side of India. It keeps you hooked with it just because of its screenplay and direction.

You can easily relate it to you. You must have a call from someone asking about your bank details, fake scam calls, and even lottery stuff. No doubt, it is one of the best web series available in the Indian entertainment industry. you must watch it once in a lifetime not just for only timepass but education purpose also.


#8. Never kiss your best friend(9.5imdb ratings):

If there is any best romance, drama, and comedy web series after Little Things, then it is Never Kiss Your Best Friend who is available on Zee 5. With10 episodes and 30 minutes each, this web series is shooted in London

There are a lot of heart touching moments, drama, suspense. It has lots of things to watch on it.


#9. Cubicles(8.4imdb ratings):

2019 was the year for the Kota Factory, but now, this time 2020 is for Cubicles. Its an Indian web series which is made by Tvf and is freely available on its youtube channel. It now, all the web series which were base on jobs has presented this career in a very comic manner.

 A typical 9 to 5job may sound boring, but this series will completely change your perspective. The best thing about this Cubicles is that you quickly get emotionally attached to all the characters and will start to relate it to your life.

The story is about an employee who is new in an Indian IT firm and manages to get used to all the things happening around him. For you, it’s a must-watch series.


#10. Asur(9.4imdb ratings):

Voot originals series Asur: welcome to your dark side is the best web series of this list. It is a mythological, psychological drama and mystery web series with seven episodes and 40 to 50 minutes each.

When a serial killer starts to kill people . when the investigation begins then, some of the darkest truths are revealed. There is a suspense with the ending of every single episode and keeps it till then end of the series. This series truly defines how Indian filmmakers are capable of doing something great without spoiling it much; I would recommend you to watch it first.


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